St. Louis CITY SC and the Taylor Family Unveil the Hellcat pub to CITY SC Fans and Supporters


Area in Stadium Named After a Plane, a Pilot and the Relentless Spirit of St. Louis CITY SC as the Team Looks to Create a Legacy for Future Generations

Members of the Taylor Family recently gathered to introduce the Hellcat, a pub which is located in the Northeast corner of St. Louis CITY SC’s new stadium, CITYPARK, in honor of Enterprise Rent-A-Car founder and former Naval aviator Jack C. Taylor.  A decorated pilot, Taylor heroically flew the famous Grumman Hellcat F6F fighter plane during World War II, earning two Distinguished Flying Cross medals and other commendations. In addition, Taylor flew as wingman on several missions for the Navy’s all-time leading flying ace, Captain David McCampbell.

Simple, aggressive, rugged and deadly, the F6F Hellcat dominated the skies over the Pacific in World War II. It was famous for absorbing incredible punishment yet remaining resilient enough to bring its pilot safely home. The Hellcat was built for an attacking mentality that would not surrender easily.

“These traits, along with a sense of unity and teamwork my grandfather learned from the squadrons he flew with while aboard the USS Essex and USS Enterprise, are a reflection of the fighting spirt of our club and our fans,” said Carolyn Kindle, St. Louis CITY SC’s President and CEO.

St. Louis CITY SC Sporting Director Lutz Pfannenstiel has talked about the matchday atmosphere he believes supporters and fans are creating at CITYPARK. “I know St. Louis is the Gateway to the West, but on gameday, in our stadium, I want it to be the ‘Gateway to Hell,’ for the opposing team,” said Pfannenstiel. “I want the visiting teams to understand that for 90+ minutes we will be relentless on the pitch…and in the stands.”

Kindle agrees with Pfannenstiel’s sentiments.

“There’s something about the Hellcat that’s unique to us,” said Kindle. “It’s not only extremely relevant to the Taylor family history, but it is also an appropriate analogy based on CITY SC’s style of play, which is aggressive and tenacious. It’s embedded in our DNA, both on the pitch and, from everything I’ve seen, in the stands as well. My family is excited Jack’s incredible spirit will live on, and be felt in CITYPARK.”

“We are looking at building a legacy for future generations who will recognize the relentless spirit of St. Louis CITY SC, both on and off the pitch,” continued Kindle.

The expansive and vibrant hellcat mural decorating the walls of the Hellcat Brewpub was created by St. Louis artist Jason Spencer, aka “Killer Napkins.”  Spencer is known for his body of edgy and unique work with creative passions ranging from illustrations and apparel design to sculpture and painting.