Where is the Purina Club located?

  • The premium space is located at midfield on the east side main concourse of the stadium at the top of Section 105.

How do I purchase tickets in the Purina Club?

  • To learn out more about the Purina Club and to reserve a loge, call 314-924-6800 or fill out the interest form below. Ticketholders will be asked to register their dog(s) as well as sign an agreement release and agree to the rules and regulations for the space.

Are tickets in the Purina Club sold individually?

  • The Purina Club features four loges, each sold as a unit to accommodate two dogs and four humans.
  • While each loge can accommodate up to two dogs, those dogs must be familiar with one another/socialized together before their Purina Club experience at CITYPARK to ensure a positive, safe match day for all.

Are other pets allowed in the Purina Club?

  • The Purina Club is only available for dogs and their owners at this time.

How do I know if my dog is a good fit for the Purina Club?

  • Purina Club is a unique experience for pets and people to enjoy a live sporting event together, but there are a few things to know before bringing your pup to CITYPARK to ensure the fan experience is fun for all!
  • Match day at CITYPARK can include crowd noise, pyrotechnics, bright lights, inclement weather, and other elements of a live sporting event in an outdoor venue, so pet owners will need to affirm that their dog(s) are able to safely attend the match with this in mind.
  • Each dog must be at least six months old, fully housetrained, and up to date on all required vaccinations administered by a licensed professional (including but not limited to Rabies, DHLP, Parvo, and Bordetella). They also must wear identification tags showing their current rabies vaccination.
  • Dogs that have aggressive tendencies towards other dogs or humans, are unpredictable in crowds, react strongly to loud noises, or are exhibiting any signs of infectious illness close to the day of the match are not allowed in the Purina Club.

Can I resell my Purina Club tickets?

  • Purina Club tickets are not refundable or re-sellable. Tickets may be transferred to other fans, but any new dog attending must be registered by their owner prior to the match.

If I have tickets in the Purina Club, how do my dog and I get into CITYPARK on match day?

  • Purina Club ticket holders must check in each dog registered for their box together at the box office on the east side of CITYPARK. Dogs and owners will only be escorted through the Purina Club Gate after all dogs registered for their box have been checked in.

Will a pet relief area be available?

  • A pet relief area will be available just outside the Purina Club Gate (near the Box Office) on the east side of the stadium. Purina Club ticketholders will be permitted to exit and re-enter the stadium with their dog(s) in order to use the relief area, if needed.

If you are interested in reserving a Purina Club space, please fill out the form below!