Q: Where can I purchase single match tickets?
A: Tickets will be sold exclusively on SeatGeek.com

Q: Is there a maximum number of tickets I can purchase for each match throughout the year?
A: Yes, there is a ticket maximum of (8) tickets per match, per account holder.

Q: If I purchase tickets during the presale, can I purchase additional tickets during the public onsale?
A: Yes, but please note the maximum number of single match tickets (excluding your season tickets) for any one match is (8). For example, if you purchase 4 tickets for a single match during the presale, you may purchase a maximum of 4 additional tickets for the same match (for a total of 8 tickets) during the general public onsale.

Q: Will tickets be able to be posted online for resale?
A: Yes, tickets will be able to be posted for resale beginning 2/6/23. Tickets can be posted for resale directly through SeatGeek or through the CITY app.