Lutz Pfannenstiel Holds Virtual Sporting Town Halls, Lays Out the Club’s Vision for Its Youth Academy

In early December, St. Louis CITY SC Sporting Director Lutz Pfannenstiel hosted three virtual town halls for local soccer coaches, players, and parents throughout the region and discussed the club’s goal – to create the best academy and development system in North America.

In addition to building a program that is open to everyone in the region, Pfannenstiel also described how the club will define on and off-field success. “We want to win titles,” said the head of St. Louis CITY’s sporting department. “But we see actually that a holistic approach in player development is just as important as any title or any silverware. We don’t just want to focus on creating better players and great athletes, but also well-educated and well-rounded people.”

Pfannenstiel also discussed the club’s vision for the structure of its youth academy, satellite centers, grassroots training, and trial system.

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