As a one-time courtesy, the club will allow ticket transfers for season ticket membership during an exclusive window starting 10/31/2022 and must be submitted prior to 11/7/2022. There will be NO exceptions made.

Q: How will the process work?
A: All eligible accounts will be notified via email on 10/31/2022 outlining the process and next steps. All parties (transfer and transferee) will need to complete and sign an official agreement, as well as complete an updated season ticket member agreement.

Q: Why should I transfer season tickets?
A: This one-time transfer window will allow all ticket holders to become Season Ticket Members, meaning that all ticket holders will be able to enjoy STM benefits including; presale access, playoff ticket priority, season ticket member discounts (in person only), MLS Apple subscription to every match across the MLS, and many other benefits and exclusive access.

Q: Can I change the name of the account holder during this exclusive transfer window?
A: This will also be allowed during the transfer amnesty period; however, we would require a written request for name change (including the reason for transfer) and STL CITY SC would have final approval at the sole discretion of the club.

Q: Who is eligible for this offer?
A: Season Ticket Members, excluding account holders with suite or loge seating, are eligible to transfer during this exclusive window.

Q: Why is this only available during this one-time window?
A: We understand that ticket holders have purchased together, and we want to provide as a one-time courtesy for all ticket holders to enjoy the full benefit of their tickets. To ensure that we continue to add value to our waitlist program and to create a fair and balanced membership program new season ticket options will be available for members of our waitlist program first to avoid tickets being transferred or resold among fans.

Q: What if my tickets are not paid in full, or I am on a payment plan?
A: Tickets will not be required to be paid in full prior to requesting a transfer, however, they will be required to be paid in full by no later than 1/1/2023. This will ensure that tickets are in good standing and STM benefits will be activated by 1/31/2023. Tickets that are on a payment plan can pay their account off in full online through or by calling their ticket representative.

Q: If I transfer tickets will we be able to update the terms or the agreement (i.e., term length)?
A: No, all ticket terms would remain the same for both account holders

Q: Will I be required to sign a new ticket agreement?
A: Yes, all parties will be required to sign a new ticket agreement.


  • A single seat can NOT be left in any customer account. Customer Accounts must maintain a minimum of (2) seats in there or transfer all tickets to another account holder.
  • Suites and Loge account holders are NOT eligible for seat transfers
  • Tickets must be paid in full by no later than 1/1/2023.