By taking the Our CITY pledge, you commit to the following:

  • Help St. Louis CITY SC in its sustainability efforts in and around the stadium district by recycling, composting, food rescue and practicing energy conservation.
  • Embrace my own environmental responsibility and practice in my daily life.
  • Join St. Louis CITY SC in their sustainability efforts in the community when possible and help us all aspire to a more environmentally responsible St. Louis region.

We will periodically send you information on how CITY SC is taking action to reduce our environmental impact, and ways you can as well. Impactful change doesn’t happen alone. This is a chance to show the world that St. Louis soccer fans are invested in Our CITY, Our Future, Our Responsibility.

What is Our CITY?

Our CITY is the sustainability program of St. Louis CITY SC. Our CITY aligns with St. Louis CITY’s mission of being an exceptional club and neighbor and uniting the community through the power of sports. Environmental sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, and we intend to lead by example.

  • 27 electric car charging stations
  • Over 100 bike parking spots
  • 211 recycling, composting and waste containers
  • Compostable and biodegradable plastics
  • Spring water capture and decontamination
  • On-site recycling and composting collection
  • Food rescue
  • 100% LED and energy efficient lighting and control system
  • High-efficiency HVAC equipment
  • Building automation system
  • Low flow urinals and toilets
  • Access to alternative transportation
  • Community green space
  • Native species landscaping
  • 100% recycled structural steel


Establish a baseline of key performance indicators to allow for goals setting and progress tracking.


  • Identify key metrics of operational sustainability and environmental best practices.
  • Establish baseline of key performance indicators in first year of operation
  • Develop dashboard to collect key metrics.
  • Establish best practices in collaboration with MLS, Green Sports Alliance, Missouri Gateway Chapter of the Green Building Council and St. Louis Green Business Challenge.
  • Measure Our CITY pledges and conduct fan survey.
  • Publish public sustainability report at the end of 2023.


Aspire to continuous improvement and best practices to conserve our valuable natural resources including non-renewable energy sources, water, clean air, food resources, and more.


  • Use building management systems to reduce energy consumption through the use of lighting controls and temperature setbacks.
  • Support alternative transportation options including public transit, electric vehicles, biking, and pedestrian travel.
  • Work with restaurant and community partners to encourage local sources of food waste, and divert food to area food banks.
  • Increase the use of renewable energy sources.
  • Reducewood-based paper products used in stadium and facilities.
  • Establish water reduction measures.
  • Generate community campaign and outreach focused on conservation best practices.


Establish a stadium guest operation waste management plan focused on reduction and diversion through strong partnerships, mindful procurement, and community engagement.


  • Aspire to zero waste stadium and facilities operations (90% diversion).
  • Establish procurement standards for reducing waste.
  • Develop gameday recycling and waste reduction ambassador program in CITYPARK.
  • Create composting use program on stadium grounds.
  • Develop fan behavior engagement campaign to help educate and inspire in-stadium higher waste diversion compliance rates.
zero single-use plastic


Every piece of plastic that has ever been made is still in existence today. Plastic is ubiquitous, with debris found in every corner of our world that kills humans and animals and destroys ecosystems. CITYPARK’s aspiration to be a “zero single-use plastic” venue for front-of-house operations is an extremely visible and commendable way to demonstrate our dedication to zero waste.


  • Work with our partners and vendors to reduce or eliminate single-use consumer plastic with aluminum and biodegradable alternatives.
  • Educate the community and partners on benefits of non-plastic consumer materials including aluminum cups and bottles and compostable food service materials.

Our CITY is part of a wider effort in the MLS and across professional sports to embrace sustainable practices. St. Louis CITY SC is proud to be part of the following initiatives: 

  • MLS Greener Goals
  • Green Sports Alliance Play to Zero Campaign
  • Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis Green Business Challenge
  • Adidas Give Back

St. Louis CITY partners with educational, business, and community organizations to enhance and implement shared goals of environmental sustainability and community engagement.

Operation Food Search
Seed STL
Great Rivers Greenway
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis Green Business Challenge
Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Solid Waste Management District Grant Program
Missouri Gateway Chapter of the Green Building Council
Enterprise Foundation

These organizations join in this promise and commitment to the goals and objectives listed above…

Food, Beverage and Retail Concessionaire, Levy Restaurants
Janitorial Contractor, ABM
Waste and Recycling Hauler, Waste Connections Inc
Mechanical Services Contractor, The Murphy Company
Electrical Services Contractor, RJP Electric
Master Technology Integrator, Ampthink
Landscape Services Contractor, Focal Pointe

We will continue to grow our sustainability efforts throughout the year and beyond. This is part of who we are – this is OUR CITY.