CITYPARK is a StormReady Facility as designated by the National Weather Service.  A site-specific meteorologist is on call to track severe weather including high winds and lightning strikes.

If severe weather including winds more than 60 mph or lightning is detected within an 8-mile radius of CITYPARK, CITYPARK will enter a Shelter in Place protocol.  An announcement will be made over the CITYPARK public address system to instruct guests to seek shelter in place.

If you are inside CITYPARK when a Shelter in Place takes effect, the seating bowl, the Upper Concourse and CITY View Levels will be evacuated. Guest Services and Security will help direct fans to marked STORM SHELTER locations within CITYPARK.

If you are outside CITYPARK when Shelter in Place takes effect,

  • Seek shelter in the garage at 20th and Olive or return to your vehicle.
  • Moneta Premium Entry and ULTRA Club Lobby gates will be open for ticketed guests during Shelter in Place protocol. All other entry gates will close during Shelter in Place protocol.

If the Shelter in Place protocol extends into team warmups and/or scheduled kick time, CITYPARK and MLS will determine a new kickoff time which will be communicated out to guests. Shelter in Place will remain in effect until an “All Clear” notice given over the CITYPARK public address system.

Weather updates will be sent out to fans via the STL CITY App and live tweets from the @stlCITYsc Twitter account.