Media are expected to follow the guidelines outlined below, as well as the instructions of St. Louis CITY SC Public Relations department, CITYPARK employees, and security at the risk of limitation of access or revocation of credentials.



All media members must apply for day-of-match credentials no later than 48 hours prior to the match they wish to attend via the form HERE.

Media credentials and access will be granted only to individuals with a legitimate working function at a match, training session, or event. Credentials are non-transferable. Any unauthorized use of a credential subjects the bearer to ejection from CITYPARK.

Media members will receive an email prior to matchday confirming the approval or denial of their credential request. Upon approval, single-match credentials will be available for pick up at the Box Office (Ticketing booth) located at the Southeast corner of the Lou Fusz Plaza. Each media member must pick up their pre-approved credential and present corresponding photo identification. Media Will Call opens one and half hours before the start of the match and will close 15 minutes into the first half.


After picking up their credential, media members should proceed to the Southeast gate to enter the stadium. All photographers, local TV camera crews, print and digital media members with press box or photo work room access must enter the stadium via the Southeast gate of the Lou Fusz Plaza.

Accessing the press box: To get to the press box, enter through the Southeast gate next to Media Will Call and walk along the concourse to Section 139. There is an elevator to the left (behind) of Section 139. Take the elevator to the fourth floor. From the elevator take a left towards the press box and enter the second door labeled “press box”.

Accessing the media workroom: To get to the media workroom, enter through the Southeast gate next to Media Will Call and walk along the concourse to Section 139. There is an elevator to the left (behind) of Section 139. Take the elevator to “Pitch level”. From the elevator take a left and the first door on the left is the media workroom.


Media members are reminded to dress professionally and are asked not to wear gear of either club participating in the match or competing sponsors with local or MLS affiliates. This pertains to photo zone products such as water bottles.

Any unauthorized use or violation of a credential (including, without limitation, requesting autographs, taking non-work-related photographs, or making any other personal use of a credential or the stadium access conferred by a credential) can result in the revocation of said access.


All media members will have access to the main Press Box. Representatives from St. Louis CITY SC Communications will direct media members to their assigned location. The press box is located on the fourth level of CITYPARK and is also open air (outside).

  • Complimentary wireless internet will be available in the Press Box on game day.
  • Food service will be provided to media personnel in the Press Box and will be available an hour and a half before kickoff unless otherwise noted.
  • Only working media will be allowed in the press box.
  • Cheering and loud noise are not permitted.


In addition to their credential, it is required that photographers and camera crews obtain and wear a colored bib/vest, making them easy to identify.

  • Bibs will be distributed in the media workroom by St. Louis CITY SC Communications staff.
    • All photographers and videographers must wear the media bib provided (for the duration of the game) to shoot from the designated location of the field.
    • Following the match, photographers and videographers must return their bibs to the staff members located in the Photo Work Room.
  • Photo field access: Photographers and videographers are permitted to shoot the game behind the field boards along each endline. At no time during the match can photographers shoot from directly behind the goal.
    • Prior to kickoff, photographers who wish to shoot the traditional pregame team photo will be escorted on cue to the midfield sideline by photo marshals.
    • Photographers will be instructed to walk only on the sidelines – never on the field of play – in route to these temporary sideline positions.
    • Once team photos have been taken, photographers will be directed to quickly return to their endline photo positions.
    • During the match, photographers are advised that they have restricted freedom of movement. Also, movement from one end of the field to the other is allowed only at halftime on the sideline opposite the team benches.


Following the conclusion of each St. Louis CITY SC home match, a postgame news conference will be held in the press conference room adjacent to the VIP Pitch Club.

  • Post-match press conferences will feature St. Louis CITY Head Coach as well as one/two players. All credentialed members of the media are permitted to record the video conference.
  • Your professional courtesy is asked in maintaining a proper working atmosphere for post-match interviews. Absolutely no autographs are allowed during media access periods.