Big changes are coming to Market Street in the City of St. Louis. Currently being designed, the one-mile stretch of the Brickline Greenway from Harris-Stowe State University to the St. Louis CITY SC Stadium is one the newest additions to the network of paved, accessible pathways from regional public agency Great Rivers Greenway. Linking this section of the greenway will be a powerful public art installation from St. Louis resident and nationally-acclaimed artist, Damon Davis. Informed by a four-year community engagement process, Great Rivers Greenway is spearheading the effort to elevate the Mill Creek Valley story through Davis’ art with support from its community partners.

Davis’ work will honor Mill Creek Valley, which was a predominantly Black neighborhood whose residents were displaced during the city’s demolition of the Midtown area in the late 1950s. The greenway and artwork in St. Louis CITY SC Stadium District from 20th to 22nd Streets will begin construction this fall and open with the stadium in 2023. The project’s many partners are collaborating to invite people to connect with, and share stories from, the past while envisioning a more connected and inclusive future.

The once-vibrant Mill Creek Valley neighborhood was home to 20,000 residents, 800+ businesses and 40+ houses of worship before city officials declared that the 450 acres (size of five Arch rounds) would be fully demolished in the name of “urban renewal”.

“Mill Creek Valley was a thriving Black community, with businesses and nightlife, arts community and a range of socio-economic classes. The narrative of it being a blighted community – it was neglected for a reason, slum-ified so that the excuse could be used to pave over it,” explains post-disciplinary artist Damon Davis. “I’m designing a series of pedestals and portals to represent hourglasses that hold time (represented by soil) still, displayed at the top. Just like the soil, we can excavate the stories of these people and put them on literal pedestals for the whole world to see, acknowledge and start a conversation about their stories.”

The greenway segment along Market from Compton Ave. to 20th Street is in design now, to be constructed in phases over the next two years, linking major institutions and small businesses along the route.

“We are so grateful to have these wonderful, willing partners all along the way,” said Susan Trautman, CEO of Great Rivers Greenway. “St. Louis CITY SC is building and caring for a significant portion of Damon’s artwork on their plaza and the landscaping will outline where the homes once stood on that block. The Taylor family further invested in the rest of the greenway with a challenge grant to support our fundraising efforts, which is critical to our success. Harris-Stowe State University will host and care for a portion of the installation on their campus and of course, we’re partnering with the City of St. Louis throughout the project, as the greenway is in their right of way.”

The new Major League Soccer stadium is providing a key platform to drive exposure and discussion around the artwork as the Southwest corner of the stadium will house eight of the pedestals and a display with a map and quotes from Mill Creek Valley residents.

“St. Louis CITY SC has always been committed to being an exceptional club and neighbor, and with our stadium district overlapping the footprint of the Mill Creek Valley neighborhood, we knew it was important to acknowledge the hard truths of the past,” said Khalia Collier, VP of Community Relations for St. Louis CITY SC. “We have to learn from what came before so we can envision a better way toward growth and revitalization together that includes all St. Louisans.”

Davis’ permanent installation will be part of the Counterpublic civic arts exhibition in 2023 which drives national discussion and attention around a number of St. Louis’ contemporary art projects, as well, with a series of programs and events to interpret the stories and activate the space. This installation will stretch throughout that one mile, linking to historic sites on the campus of Harris-Stowe State University, some of the only remaining structures from Mill Creek Valley. These include the Henry Givens Administration Building, (formerly Vashon High School), renovated Stars Park (former home of the Negro baseball league) and Vashon Community Center, being renovated into the Don and Heide Wolff Jazz Institute and National Black Radio Hall of fame.

“This was one of only four Black-only recreational centers in 1936 segregated St. Louis; it was a source of joy and play, cultural events and community gatherings,” said Dr. Terence Finley, Vice President and CFO of Harris-Stowe State University. “This greenway and art project are a natural extension of what we’re doing on campus to connect to and celebrate our collective past.”

This segment – from Harris-Stowe State University to the St. Louis CITY SC Stadium – is one part of the overall Brickline Greenway, which proposes up to 20 miles of pathways, linking up to 17 neighborhoods connecting Forest Park, Gateway Arch National Park, Fairground Park, Tower Grove Park and hundreds of destinations in between. Great Rivers Greenway’s mission for the project is to work with partners to ensure that the path is a catalyst for equitable economic development, creating a vibrant space for people to gather, explore and connect to the city and each other.

“The Brickline Greenway, both the project and the process, is driven by what we’ve heard from thousands of community members about rebuilding civic trust,” said Susan Trautman. “With Damon, our design team and partners like author Vivian Gibson, The Griot Museum and Missouri Historical Society, we have been listening to many former residents and researching the history to make sure we get this right – and we would love to hear from anyone with connections to this neighborhood!”

Residents of the region are invited to engage with virtual resources and programs to learn more about the past, present and future of this area and share their stories of connections to this place. For more information about the upcoming virtual book discussion on November 17, to schedule a listening session or to subscribe for project updates, visit

“St. Louis has an opportunity to do things differently with the Brickline Greenway,” said Mayor Tishaura O. Jones, City of St. Louis. “I encourage residents across the region to learn about Mill Creek Valley and participate in all of these projects – your voices matter to this work.”

Visit for more details and renderings.

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As St. Louis CITY SC continues to build out its vision for the Downtown West Stadium District, the team unveiled an innovative pop-up retail concept to be housed in the first level of a new parking garage located on the 1900 block of Olive.

Designed with urban aesthetics in mind and to provide replacement parking for businesses with employees who parked where the new stadium project is now located, the new four-level, 220,000-square foot parking garage also includes designated custom-built, surface-level retail spaces with folding doors where merchants will offer goods and services to Downtown West visitors.

“Just as the Stadium District is not just for soccer, the new garage is not just for cars,” said Julie Snow, Founding Principal at Snow Kreilich Architects, who partnered with St. Louis HOK to design a number of the new soccer stadium’s key elements and also led the new parking facility’s design team. “While it provides easy, quick parking and exiting, it also is designed for cyclists using the planned bike routes next to the site, and for pedestrians passing by.  We are especially excited about the multiple largescale folding doors that can be opened to create a canopy shading for flexible pop-up events and retail.”

Given the new soccer stadium’s central location and the team’s interest in supporting multiple transportation options to increase overall mobility choices for St. Louis CITY fans and area residents, the garage includes bike parking and electric vehicle charging stations. It will increase the accessibility for fans visiting the new stadium district and be a convenient addition for existing and future retail businesses in the area.

“We believe the stadium will have a magnetic quality that draws people to the district 365 days a year,” continues Snow. “There will be a number of areas and open spaces surrounding the stadium where people will come together and be able enjoy each other’s company.”

The new garage also will feature a large cascading CITY Red staircase for fans to access the stadium for events and games, while a large, cantilevered event balcony offers a prime view of festivities on both gamedays and for non-gameday events. Colorful Energy Yellow stairs encourage their use over elevators. An Arch Gray stainless-steel fabric encloses the garage, partially concealing parked cars from neighboring buildings, while reflecting changes in daylight.

Additional garage details and amenities include approximately 450 standard parking slots, 30 electric vehicle charging stations, 50 bike parking spaces and an 11’ by 45’ event balcony.

The team recently finished the steel construction and pre-cast phases of the stadium with work progressing on the exterior enclosure and interior mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and finishes. Early next year, the team is looking forward to celebrating the first seats being anchored within the stadium.

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STL CITY Teams Up with Local Organizations at Marquette Park


Local Artist Jayvn Solomon Designed The Futsal Court Mural To Represent St. Louis CITY and the Dutchtown Neighborhood

As a part of St. Louis CITY SC’s larger initiative to make soccer accessible to all, the club has collaborated with Dutchtown Main Streets and Allies of Marquette Park, Dutchtown South Community Corporation, MADE STL, St. Louis City Parks Department and other local organizations to install the City of St. Louis’ first outdoor futsal court in Marquette Park. In order to celebrate the official opening of the futsal court, STL CITY SC will host a kickoff event at 9:30 a.m. CT on Saturday, September 25.

Although the futsal court has been open to the public following its completion in early September, the kickoff event will celebrate the accomplishment within the neighborhood and invites neighbors to come out to learn more about soccer and upcoming programming. This court represents more than an opportunity for residents to play soccer together, it is a way to unite the community through the power of collaboration and sports. Whether if it’s through a pickup game, futsal tournaments or training sessions – the opportunities are endless.

“Our club is thrilled to bring soccer to the Dutchtown community with the installation of the Marquette Park Futsal Court!” said STL CITY SC’s VP of Community Relations, Khalia Collier. “We are passionate in our belief that soccer should be accessible to all. Not only will this court provide the community a space to play soccer, but it will also bring opportunities for free community soccer training to the children within the neighborhood.”

The Marquette Park Futsal Court is designed by local artist Jayvn Solomon which brings together both elements of the artist’s own style and the style of the Dutchtown neighborhood it resides in. The neighborhood is also represented in the design of the Made STL custom fabricated goals that feature the logos of both St. Louis CITY SC and the Dutchtown neighborhood.

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Supporter Section Season Tickets Go on Sale Starting October 19, 2021


The 3,000-Seat, Safe-Standing Section Behind the North Goal Will Be the Heartbeat of the St. Louis CITY Stadium Experience

ST. LOUIS (Sept 21, 2021) – St. Louis CITY SC today announced that starting October 19, 2021 fans will be able to purchase season tickets for the stadium’s 3,000-seat, safe-standing supporter section behind the North goal. The supporter section is where the team’s most vocal supporters will energize the entire stadium by creating an atmosphere dominated by singing, chanting, drumming and the waiving of banners and flags.

“The supporter section will truly be the heartbeat of our gameday, so we wanted to show appreciation to the region’s most loyal and die-hard soccer fans by inviting them to be among the first to purchase their tickets,” said Matt Sebek, St. Louis CITY SC Chief Experience Officer.

The soccer experience is often defined by the drama of the supporter section and St. Louis CITY is looking to create one of the most exciting and energized supporter sections in Major League Soccer. Special features within the safe-standing, locked-seat general admission section will include “capo” stands for chant leaders, centralized drum platform, a dedicated supporter bar featuring local beers and spirits, and customized rigging designed to support oversized tifo banners that can be hung from the stadium’s canopy roof.

The slope of the supporter safe-standing section is 34%, or the steepest allowed in the MLS, inspired by European soccer clubs such as Borussia Dortmund and designed so fans will be as close to the field as possible. Combined with the stadium’s flat canopy, this design will maximize the reverb of the chanting, cheering and drumming from the team’s supporters in the north end of the stadium, resulting in an intimidating wall of sound that will electrify the gameday atmosphere.

Supporter section ticket deposit holders will be able to convert their deposits to season tickets starting on Tuesday, October 19 by purchasing through SeatGeek, the ticketing partner St. Louis CITY selected to assist with the team’s record-setting season ticket deposits. Supporter ticket prices will be $391 for the entire season, which is $23 per match and can be purchased in full or via a convenient payment plan. Current deposit holders will receive emails from the club with more information and directions on setting up their SeatGeek St. Louis CITY SC account by October 12 in order to purchase supporter tickets starting on October 19. The specific buy window for fans who have placed deposits will be based on the deposit time stamp and the team is still accepting deposits for those interested in being part of supporter movement.

“We have been working closely with our ticketing partner, SeatGeek, to develop a seamless process for our fans to confirm and purchase their seats,” said Edmound Elzy, St. Louis CITY SC Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service. “We wanted to give fans interested in being part of soccer’s unique supporter culture an early opportunity to secure their tickets and begin to map out their gameday experience in one of the most important sections in the stadium.” General reserved seating tickets will go on sale in spring 2022.

The SeatGeek ticketing platform will integrate seamlessly into St. Louis CITY’s new mobile app and allow eventgoers to manage tickets and parking. SeatGeek’s best-in-class technology will provide fans a streamlined user experience to easily buy, transfer and scan tickets and continue to use mobile tickets to stay contactless upon entering the stadium. “From initiatives like our Fan Experience Council, our new custom-built mobile app and our CITY Flavors initiative where we’ve asked fans to help us create the in-stadium food and beverage experience, our focus continues to be around putting St. Louis CITY fans first,” said Sebek.

St. Louis CITY joins a strong roster of Major League Soccer and National Women’s Soccer League teams that have partnered with SeatGeek, including Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns, Sporting Kansas City, Austin FC, as well as an overall league partnership between SeatGeek and MLS. The platform is also the majority ticketer of the English Premier League, with partners like Liverpool F.C. and Manchester City F.C. SeatGeek’s partner roster also includes many other U.S. based major league teams, including the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys and the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

For more questions on supporter section tickets, email [email protected] or call 314-924-6800.

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The New Custom-Built St. Louis CITY SC Mobile App Will Give Fans Insider Access and Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Content

As professional sports teams increasingly turn to mobile technology to keep their fan base updated, connected and engaged, St. Louis CITY SC today unveiled an innovative custom-built app to bring exclusive behind-the-scenes content and insider access to St. Louis CITY fans 18 months before the team’s first match.

Built to provide an immersive, mobile-first experience, the St. Louis CITY app will be the go-to destination for all things STL CITY. Available for both iOS and Android devices, every fan who downloads the new STL CITY app and completes their profile within 24 hours of its launch will be entered to win one of 100 special edition St. Louis CITY T-shirts.

By downloading the new STL CITY SC app, fans will have access to breaking STL CITY news alerts, behind-the-scenes content, exclusive insider access, interactive experiences, special merch offers and customization options that will tailor the experience to their interests. Upon the initial release of the app, fans can expect to see exclusive content including:

  • Latest team news
  • Live construction cameras
  • Augmented and virtual reality tours of the CITY stadium
  • Weekly fan polls and surveys
  • Live streaming of select Academy games
  • Insider interviews with front office staff and coaches
  • Weekly photo galleries of stadium progress
  • A monthly “The State of CITY” update, with the first one featuring the club’s President and CEO, Carolyn Kindle Betz
  • Trick shot challenges with players and coaches

“Our team has been hard at work to create a mobile-first experience for fans that is uniquely St. Louis CITY,” said Matt Sebek, St. Louis CITY SC’s Chief Experience Officer (CXO). “We’re so excited the day is finally here, and fans are now able to download our app to join the club for every step of the journey leading up to our inaugural 2023 season.”

The team is focused on building a best-in-class fan experience by engaging fans and supporters to help shape and craft what goes on during match day and beyond. As the team builds one of the first post-pandemic stadiums in the world, St. Louis CITY is designing a digital + human + physical experience that is personalized and seamless by opening a venue that is ticketless, cashless and frictionless from day one.

The CITY app will evolve significantly over the next year as it becomes the hub for insider content, in addition to digital tickets, player stats, schedules, standings and more. Fans can continue to follow along with STL CITY SC’s journey by visiting Google Play or the App Store to download the STL CITY app.

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After Two Successful Events in August and September, St. Louis CITY SC is Holding One Clinic for  COVID and Flu Vaccinations

Following the success of St. Louis CITY SC’s first two vaccination events supported by BJC HealthCare, the club will hold a third offering COVID and Flu vaccinations for the community.

St. Louis CITY’s next vaccination event will be held on Friday, October 22 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Aloe Park, located at the southeast corner of the club’s stadium construction site (North 20th Street and Market Street) in Downtown West.

Similar to the previous vaccination events, all individuals who receive their COVID-19 vaccine or flu shot at this event will receive a St. Louis CITY SC t-shirt. Additionally, individuals receiving the vaccine or flu shot can enter into a drawing on-site to win a private tour of St. Louis CITY SC stadium for up to four people (upon completion of the stadium). Further rules and regulations for the sweepstakes can be found at:

No pre-registration is required for either the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccinations. Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be available to anyone 18 years or older, while Pfizer will be available to anyone 12 years or older looking to receive their first or second dose – although anyone under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian present. Vaccination tents will be set up in Aloe Park at the corner of North 20th and Market Street, with standard street parking available nearby for anyone driving to the event. The club will also be offering Flu vaccinations at this third event.

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August 20 Vaccination Event


On Friday, August 20, St. Louis CITY SC will collaborate with BJC HealthCare to host a COVID-19 vaccination event from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the southeast corner of the club’s stadium construction site (North 20th Street and Market Street) in Downtown West.

Every individual who participates and receives their vaccination dose at the event will also receive a St. Louis CITY SC t-shirt and a free meal from the local Balkan Treat Box food truck between 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Additionally, individuals receiving the vaccine can enter into a drawing on-site to win a St. Louis CITY scarf and a special private stadium tour for up to four guests, upon completion of the stadium in 2022. Official Rules for the sweepstakes can be found here.

No pre-registration is required, and Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be available to anyone 12 years or older. Anyone under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian present. Vaccination tents will be set up in Aloe Park at the corner of North 20th and Market Street, with standard street parking available nearby for anyone driving to the event.

This will be the first vaccination event St. Louis CITY SC has hosted in collaboration with BJC HealthCare. The event will provide vaccinations to the first 200 eligible individuals, with the return date for the second dose scheduled for Friday, September 17. The return date is only available to those who received the vaccination at this event.

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Our City. Our Spirit. Together.



Our City. Our Spirit. Together.


As preparations for the club’s 2023 inaugural season continue to ramp up, St. Louis CITY SC welcomes Together Credit Union as its next founding partner and the team’s official banking sponsor. This new partnership promises to be more than just business as usual, bringing opportunities to underserved St. Louis neighborhoods through financial literacy programming and outreach efforts.

With deep roots in St. Louis and 13 branches in the region, Together Credit Union has been investing in the local community for over 80 years and has no plans to stop any time soon. The two STLMade organizations will team up on various community-driven initiatives, including financial education for local non-profits and easy access to banking for young people and families who need it most.

“Our partnership with Together Credit Union is extremely special to the club because of our shared values and commitment to the city,” said Carolyn Kindle Betz, St. Louis CITY SC Chief Executive Officer. “How incredible is it that both of St. Louis CITY SC’s first two founding partners are so deeply rooted in the St. Louis community? We couldn’t ask for anything better than that.”

In support of St. Louis CITY’s broader focus on youth development, Together Credit Union will provide educational resources, expert advice, and professional guidance to empower St. Louis-area families and youth towards a better financial future. The credit union and St. Louis CITY will also partner for community service projects, including Together Credit Union’s Day of Giving, helping local organizations serving people in need.

“Through our partnership with St. Louis CITY, we hope to broaden our outreach efforts by creating sustainable, long-term financial wellness programs,” said Tom Kraus, Together Credit Union’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our goal is to help young people and their families on the path to financial independence and success.”

As St. Louis CITY’s Official Banking Partner, Together Credit Union will offer exclusive St. Louis CITY SC-branded debit and credit cards for their members that will include stadium offers and events. Additionally, Together Credit Union will sponsor the “Together Credit Union Club” located on the stadium’s main concourse, where club ticket holders will have the chance to come together before, during and after the match.

“The Together Credit Union Club will provide a one-of-a-kind experience inside the stadium where fans can come together on matchday to enjoy delicious STLMade food and beverages reflective of the diverse culinary flavors of St. Louis,” added Kraus. “We have immensely enjoyed working with St. Louis CITY to bring our vision to life and cannot wait to share the final designs.”

For more about this groundbreaking partnership or how it will come to life at the team’s stadium, visit and

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St. Louis CITY SC continues to stir things up. Major League Soccer’s newest expansion team just unveiled well-known restaurateur, chef and James Beard Award winner Gerard Craft as the club’s Flavor Officer, but it’s the STL fans who will ultimately help curate the match day menu at the MLS stadium in Downtown West.

With its inaugural season not slated to begin until 2023, St. Louis CITY isn’t wasting any time starting to build an in-stadium food experience unlike any other in professional sports – and it all starts with the St. Louis fans. The club is actively seeking feedback from the community and collecting fan submissions to help map out future food offerings while also shining a spotlight on a variety of STLMade restaurants and menu items throughout the region.

This community-led program is designed to inspire pride in the authentic tastes and original flavors of St. Louis, while also encouraging soccer fans (and non-soccer fans) to discover the hidden culinary gems in our city’s diverse neighborhoods. It’s a goal that is also very personal for Craft, who calls St. Louis home and owns various STL eateries including Pastaria in Clayton and Brasserie in the Central West End.

“I’m always looking for new opportunities to unite my passions for both culinary expression and uplifting the community,” said Craft. “It’s going to be an exciting couple of years collaborating with St. Louis CITY to find unique local flavors to include as a part of the gameday experience.”

St. Louis CITY SC and Craft will also work alongside the club’s stadium hospitality partner and industry-leader Levy to bring soccer, culinary and lifestyle experiences together in ways that inspire matchday and beyond. Levy is known for creating many of the most acclaimed food experiences in sports and entertainment – from food hall collaborations with local restaurants in concessions and personalized service in premier clubs and suites, to dining and entertainment districts that operate year-round.

“We truly have an incredible opportunity to create our very own STLMade stadium food experience from scratch,” said Carolyn Kindle Betz, St. Louis CITY SC Chief Executive Officer. “By working with Chef Gerard and soliciting input from our fans early in the process, we are looking at ways to celebrate and support St. Louis’ amazing culinary scene. We are actively seeking feedback from the community so that their diverse tastes are reflected in our match day experience.”

Fans can currently add to Craft’s STL bucket list by submitting their favorite local restaurants at

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Purina - welcome to the team




Building on the momentum of the past six months, St. Louis CITY SC introduced global pet care powerhouse Purina as its first founding partner and kit sponsor today. The STLMade company will be woven into the fabric of St. Louis CITY’s visual identity on and off the pitch when the club kicks off its inaugural MLS season in 2023.

This groundbreaking partnership brings together two female-led organizations both rooted in St. Louis and committed to the region’s continued growth and revitalization.

“We have always been committed to choosing partners who embody the STLMade movement, representing the spirit of a new St. Louis, so we are thrilled to partner with an iconic company like Purina that has such deep roots in St. Louis,” said Carolyn Kindle Betz, St. Louis CITY SC Chief Executive Officer. “Not only does Purina share our love for St. Louis, but they also have our same vision of working to make our community stronger. I couldn’t think of a better company to be our club’s first founding partner and to be represented on the front of our team’s kit.”

Carolyn Kindle Betz holding CITY scarf with Purina logo.

Nestlé Purina PetCare CEO and President Nina Leigh Krueger believes St. Louis CITY SC and Purina are a perfect match because soccer and pets both bring people together. “Enriching the lives of pets and the people who love them is our purpose at Purina, because pets have such a unique ability to make our lives better,” said Krueger. “We are excited to work with the St. Louis CITY SC team to create programs putting pets and sport at the center of community good.”

Person holding Purina Flag

The goal is to bring the power of pets to soccer fans and find new ways to deepen the involvement of both Purina and St. Louis CITY SC in the community. Whether it’s working with the Petfinder team at Purina to host pet adoption events, promoting youth development through sport and leadership opportunities or bringing new pet-friendly elements into existing soccer traditions, this partnership will benefit the entire community.

The shared core values and commitment to moving St. Louis forward are what really attracted Purina to this partnership. “It goes beyond the jersey sponsorship,” said Krueger. “When you look at what St. Louis CITY SC has already done, the investment and the vision, the partnership really makes sense for us based on our shared mission to positively impact St. Louis, now and in the future.”

It’s only fitting that this announcement comes just weeks after the club released new renderings of its world-class stadium district, including practice fields, a training facility, a fan pavilion and team headquarters in Downtown West – all just a short distance from Purina’s headquarters.

This partnership is just the latest evidence that the spirit of a new St. Louis is most definitely rising.